Why Valor?

Valor's attention to your needs at all locations, plus our expert experience serving clients nationwide for over 20 years, drives our mission to fully satisfy and exceed your expectations.

Exclusive Model

We only serve shopping centers, hospitality and mixed-use properties. This exclusive focus means we understand the security needs of these facilities to an unmatched degree.

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AHA Corporate Training Center

All of our Regional Vice Presidents are certified by the American Heart Association as Instructor Trainers with AED, CPR, and First Aid. We are a Corporate Training Center and all of our officers receive certification in these life safety skills.

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National Special Response Teams

Established National Special Response Teams are made up of specially trained officers from all over the nation that can respond to locations anywhere in the United States to provide assistance to areas affected by natural or man-made disasters.

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Safety Act Certified by Homeland Security

We have received certification by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) according to the provisions of the SAFETY Act. According to the regulations implementing the SAFETY Act, DHS has indicated that our customers will benefit from our certified technology and are also protected against liability resulting from an act of terror.

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Likeability Factor

Valor trains our officers in customer service, focusing on what we call the “likeability factor.”

Customer service requires officers to be likable, a quality achieved by being pleasant, attentive, helpful and genuinely interested.

Valor officers understand that every visitor is essential. Success depends upon each one. Not a single opportunity can be wasted to let each visitor know he or she is welcome and matters.

Crisis Communication Support Team

Unique to the security industry, our Crisis Communication Support Team is comprised of key individuals and organizations to provide a prompt, accurate, “damage control” response to situations having a negative impact on a property or its reputation. In concert with a property’s efforts, this team brings many years of experience to significant crisis response and influencing the resulting publicity.