Parking lots are an opportunity for criminal activity and a challenge for security personnel.
Valor employs proven crime-mitigation programs developed especially for mall parking areas.

Parking Lot Security Strategies

CCTV Operations & Video Patrolling

Monitored CCTV operations depend on the competence of the operator. Valor provides a proprietary video patrol training program that turns passive equipment into a true force multiplier. Operators and dispatchers are taught to actively patrol retail parking using their knowledge of the property’s risk factors, conditions and activity patterns combined with our techniques to add a layer of security unmatched in the industry.

Crime Analysis & Trending Models

Providing an effective and efficient security patrol is not as simple as just putting boots on the ground at a location. Valor constantly analyzes crime, behavior and activity statistics to proactively identify emerging trends and to adjust resources and patrol techniques to interrupt trends before they get out of hand. Clients receive increased return on their investment through highly targeted patrols and improved cooperation from law enforcement resources.

Exterior Patrol Operations

Valor blends traditional patrol techniques with the particular characteristics of each retail property, which enhances public safety in areas prone to unwanted occurrences. Officers and vehicles engaged in Exterior Patrol Operations project a professional presence that serves as a deterrent to crime and promote an atmosphere of safety and comfort for mall guests. Valor utilizes patrol procedures that have been proven to reduce undesirable activity, which improves public perception and visitor traffic.

Alternative Patrol Operations

In addition to vehicle patrols, officers can conduct exterior patrols through a variety of methods, including on foot, bike, golf cart and personal transport devices like Segways and T-3 Motions. Alternative methods are more affordable, as well as more environmentally friendly. They also allow greater flexibility and mobility — as traffic is not an issue — and can improve the approachability of officers. These methods allow officers to observe areas not accessible to conventional vehicles and to interact with guests more readily.

Case Study: Valor Officers Efforts Result in Arrest of Car Burglars

A Valor CCTV/dispatch officer observed three subjects looking into several parked cars while walking through the west parking lot of a customer's mall. The CCTV/dispatch officer alerted a fellow Valor officer on mobile patrol and then contacted local police.

Continued observation by both Valor officers showed that one of the suspects had entered a black Dodge Charger by unknown means. The second suspect removed a laptop from a bag in the trunk, and then all suspects moved away from the vehicle and entered the shopping mall. The suspects changed their clothing then exited to the lot, where two were apprehended by police. The third suspect walked from the lot and was apprehended off property. All three suspects were charged with burglary from a motor vehicle.

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