Valor acts as the first line of defense for your retail tenants. We analyze and assess suspicious behaviors and organized retail crime trends at each of our properties, aggregate that information into useable data and supply it to all properties under our care.

Strategies to Prevent Organized Retail Crime

Interior and Exterior Patrol Procedures

Effective patrol procedures are fundamental to the success of a security program. Valor officers receive intense instruction in all facets of interior and exterior patrol operations. Officers also learn to blend patrol with customer service; Valor officers become tactical ambassadors, creating a sense of teamwork and awareness between all members of the retail property family, including tenants, management and members of other departments. This consistent, targeted presence and an always-professional demeanor is a natural theft deterrent.

Video Patrol Procedures

Valor’s enhanced video patrol training transforms a passive monitoring system into an active deterrent to unwanted activities. Any officer conducting enhanced video patrol serves as an added layer of protection and support during incident response, conflict interactions and customer service opportunities. This method of active patrol allows Valor to preempt or be proactive in the deterrence of unwanted or criminal activity.

Crime Analysis and Trending Models

Valor constantly analyzes crime, behavior and activity statistics to proactively identify emerging trends and to adjust resources and patrol techniques to interrupt trends. Clients receive increased return on their investment through highly targeted patrols and improved cooperation from law enforcement resources.

Retail Crime Training

Valor officers receive training in retail theft, including the cost to retail operations, the six elements that must be satisfied to approach someone suspected of theft, and the officer’s role and limitations regarding this type of activity. This enhances the overall safety of your property and builds strong partnerships will retail tenants. It also provides an added benefit that can be communicated to potential tenants.

Case Study: Valor Patrol Stops Theft

Three individuals were observed by a Valor security officer carrying lined "booster" bags in a customer mall, making repeated trips to a minivan in the parking lot. Valor officers alerted local police and continued to observe and track the suspects.

A description of the vehicle was relayed to local police, who responded to the scene and attempted to stop the vehicle while still on mall property. One suspect attempted to flee, but was eventually stopped by police across the street from the mall. Moments later, the other two individuals were apprehended by police after they also attempted to flee.

A search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of approximately $7,000 worth of merchandise from American Eagle, G by Guess, Hollister and Justice.

The incident was a coordinated effort between Valor Security and the local police department. Of particular note was the Valor video patrol officer's ability to follow two sets of suspects in two different parts of the mall on CCTV, all while accurately relaying information to all officers involved.

Security Resources for Organized Retail Crime

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