Valor officers serve as ambassadors as well as security professionals, engaging with and actively greeting mall guests and tenants. Valor considers the core competency of customer service to be as important as that of public safety. Valor’s operational model ensures that our officers become your officers and are invested in the cultivation of goodwill with guests.

Strategies to Prevent Improper Conduct

Code of Conduct Best Practices

Valor’s multiple decades’ worth of experience has afforded us the opportunity to have composed a comprehensive list of best practices, tested and proven to ensure a pleasant, safe and repeatable experience for guests. A code of conduct is composed using these tenets and the characteristics of your property so that guests enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience free from the intrusion of unsafe and unwanted behaviors or activities. With Valor officers guiding this program, any negative public perception can be erased, and a re-branding of your property as a safe, family-friendly atmosphere can be achieved.

Code of Conduct Enforcement

The professional security officer understands the delicate balance between customer service and public safety. Valor officers are trained and evaluated on their ability to be polite but firm as the situation may dictate. Valor works with each retail client to create a Code of Conduct specific to each property. When complete, this set of regulations guides officers in all types of interactions with guests, maximizing goodwill and providing the safest shopping experience possible. The goal of the Code of Conduct is to minimize disturbance to guests and to foster repeat visits.

Gang Awareness and Interaction

When gang members frequent a mall, there is significant increase in the potential for crime, hazardous situations for guests and highly negative public relations in the local community. Valor leverages its on-site Security Director operational model to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with local law enforcement. Security management staff at each property is evaluated on its success in building these relationships. This cooperative effort has been extremely successful in reducing gang activity and rehabilitating reputations at numerous properties.

Likeability Factor

A Valor officer’s presence in public is the most effective tool to create a safe environment for guests. Valor officers are recruited for and trained in the ability to be approachable, likeable and friendly; the majority of our officers’ interactions with guests are positive, and so our officers must be too. And, this drive to interact with guests ensures that any parties considering unwanted conduct cannot fail to notice the vigilance and presence of Valor officers.

Case Study: Valor Removes Negative Presence

It goes with the territory — occasionally a shopping mall customer may disrupt mall operations for any number of reasons. Sometimes those individuals become significant liabilities to the retention and attraction of mall tenants, as was the case with one Valor customer.

A group of regular offenders continually visited the mall with one goal: create trouble. Standard security interactions and subsequent expulsions did little to deter them from re-entering the mall. To overcome this perennial problem, the Valor Security Director contacted Valor corporate to deploy a Valor Special Response Team (SRT).

Once on the ground, the SRT worked closely with local police to determine the motivation behind the offenders. Through a thorough assessment of the mall property, the SRT was also able to determine specific trouble areas on mall property. They then developed and deployed a response plan that included quick identification of the offenders and an interaction strategy that led the offenders to conclude on their own that creating problems at the mall was simply a waste of their time.

Security Resources to Prevent Improper Conduct

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Retail Security Assessment

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