Valor utilizes extensive officer training and partnerships with local authorities to deter gangs. We also work with mall management to develop Code of Conduct policies that further prevent gang activity.

Strategies to Prevent Gang Activity

Relationships with Law Enforcement

Valor understands that prevention is the most effective tactic when dealing with the potential for gang activity at a retail property. Valor employs a collaborative approach, developing relationships and sharing information with local law enforcement, retail property management and community groups.

This joint effort allows Valor to maximize its ability to not only deter unwanted visitors and activities but also rapidly respond to and resolve any emergent security issues. Valor’s continuing success in building relationships nationwide, results in a safe, enjoyable environment to which guests repeatedly return.

Code of Conduct Best Practices

The professional security officer understands the delicate balance between customer service and public safety. Valor officers are trained and evaluated on their ability to be polite but firm as the situation may dictate. Valor works with each retail client to create a Code of Conduct specific to each property. When complete, this set of regulations guides officers in all types of interactions with guests, maximizing goodwill and providing the safest shopping experience possible. The goal of the Code of Conduct is to minimize disturbance to guests and to foster repeat visits. Click here to learn more about managing improper conduct...

Gang Interaction Program

Valor's gang interaction program trains security officers on the following:

  • Gang profiles and recognition
  • Gang behavior/practices at mall
  • Patrol strategies
  • Communication and coordination
  • Incident response and interaction
  • Post-interaction coordination
  • Ejection/banning and identifying banned subjects
  • Trespasser detection
  • Accurate reporting

This training provides staff access to the latest intel and techniques to make them more effective in securing the property.

Case Study: Gang Identification and Deterrence

A new Valor customer's mall was literally surrounded by gang turf. As such the mall became a central location for gang members to collect and cause trouble. The effect was shoppers stayed away, tenants were unhappy and mall management became frustrated. Enter Valor Security Services.

Valor first reached out to local police for intelligence on the gang community to better understand the landscape. Equipped with that insight, Valor corporate operations, the Regional Vice President, the local Security Director and mall management developed a strategy, process and training procedure aimed at identifying gang members, monitoring their behavior and tactics for engaging the gang members proactively. A key ingredient to the operation included continually liaising and partnering with local police.

Once the strategy was deployed, gang members were quickly identified and engaged as they entered mall property. This interaction reinforced to them that their activity was being actively monitored and allowed security to quickly intervene should a disruption occur. Ultimately through this strategy, it became less convenient for gang members to interrupt normal mall activity. As such, gang presence was significantly reduced. The outcome; shoppers returned, tenants were happier and mall management was able to improve tenant retention and occupancy.

Gang Activity Security Resources

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Retail Security Assessment

Valor Security Services can provide you with recommendations for the most efficient and effective security program for your mall or shopping center. Click here to get in touch.

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