Flash mobs, even when intended for fun and to be harmless, pose special challenges for public access property operators and security.

Flash Mob Prevention Strategies

Intel Analysis

Valor's own Intel Analyst monitors news, blogs, specialized Internet sites and social media to detect flash mobs. When a flash mob is identified, the specific details about it are obtained, including dates, times and locations. By cooperating with local law enforcement, school resource officers, school counselors and other legal entities, Valor has succeeded in deterring most flash mobs targeting our customers' properties.

Preparation and Training

When security is not aware of a flash mob in advance, whoever the on-duty personnel are might have to respond correctly to the event based upon their own knowledge and judgment. By the time additional resources are available, the event might have ended or be close to being over. This means that all security personnel must be trained in advance regarding flash mob response, and know how to respond to various situations.

Resources for Preventing Flash Mobs

Flash Mob Response Guide for Shopping Centers

Everything you need to know to respond to a flash mob.

Social Media Monitoring for Security

Learn how to use social media to be aware of and prepared for security threats to your property.

How Should Mall Security Respond to a Flash Mob?

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Top 5 Flash Mobs and Their Associated Hazards

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Retail Security Assessment

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