Perpetual preparedness is central to Valor’s ethos and is practiced on every shift at every retail property every day. From daily briefings to regular drills and live exercises that include security management, mall staff and first responders, Valor strives to maintain readiness for any untoward event, whether natural or man-made.

Emergency Preparedness Strategies

Emergency Response Plans

Emergency Response Plans are strategic, organizational management procedures developed and customized for each property that are intended to guide personnel through an unanticipated event. Topics covered include inclement weather events, power outages, active shooters and other potential disasters. Protection of life and property as well as business continuity are the focus of these plans, the contents of which are routinely updated and always developed in conjunction with mall property management.

National Special Response Teams

Established National Special Response Teams are comprised of specially-trained security professionals that are prepared to respond to any location nationally in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Selection and training for this elite group is rigorous and intense and produces fully self-sufficient teams that can be quickly deployed.

Live Emergency Drills

Live emergency drills cover topics in the Emergency Response Plan, and involve mall management, tenants, security personnel, housekeeping, maintenance, local law enforcement and first responders. Live emergency drills bring together research, training best practices, and hands-on experience to fully prepare your team for an emergency.

Certified AHA Instructors

Valor is a Corporate Training Center for the American Heart Association, and trains security staff in CPR, AED use and First Aid. Valor partners with local physicians to certify all equipment and training, reducing risk exposure.

Case Study: Valor NSRT Responds to Earthquake Affected Property

California had been recently hit by several earthquakes, including a 6.5 magnitude earthquake that hit just 20 miles offshore of Eureka, where a Valor customer's property sustained significant damage. As a result, the property was evacuated and closed, leaving it vulnerable to trespassing and crime. Valor immediately began preparations to deploy two of its National Special Response Teams (NSRT) from Oregon.

The teams were activated and sent to the affected property where they and the remaining on-site security staff began 12-hour shift coverage. They protected the property from unauthorized entry while the structure was being evaluated for structural integrity and while repairs were made.

Over the next several days, the NSRT provided 24-hour security coverage to the property. This included interior and exterior patrols as well as screening and escorting authorized personnel within and around the property.

The NSRT deployed in less than 24 hours to respond to this crisis and was the subject of praise from owners, managers and local authorities.

Emergency Preparedness Resources

Emergency Preparedness Guide

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Emergency Preparedness Consultation

Is your property prepared for a natural disaster? Find out with a free emergency preparedness consultation for your property. We'll alert you to vulnerabilities and address key areas of readiness.

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