Valor strives to be ambassadors to your customers and tenants, creating a welcoming, family-oriented environment and fostering relationships that result in repeat customers.

Strategies for Community Relations & Negative Perceptions

Crisis Communication Support Team

In the event a crisis situation does occur, Valor Security can deploy its Crisis Communication Support Team. Unique to the security industry, the Crisis Communication Support Team is comprised of additional experts in specific fields to provide prompt, accurate, "damage control" responses to situations having a negative impact on a property or its reputation. Valor’s guidance in crafting a measured, security-related response can dramatically improve the health and continuity of business.

Community Interaction

Property appeal is dependent upon community interaction. Permanent community members in proximity to and who often visit your retail property can be vocal proponents of an improvement in safety, security and the overall retail experience. So, too, can negative sentiment spread throughout the community. Valor understands this delicate balance; daily interaction of its officers with the public is designed to continue and enhance the view of your property as a trusted and valuable member of the community.

Total Guest Experience

Valor attempts to ensure that all guests leaving the property intend to return. This goal is achieved through exemplary customer service, enhanced property appeal, positive community perception and brand excellence. Valor is a critical component in this process and champions the total guest experience.

Likeability Factor

Valor officers are trained to cultivate goodwill during daily interactions with mall guests, tenants and management. Highly visible and professional, officers utilize the principals of active greeting to promote a friendly, welcoming and secure environment.

Case Study: Valor Corporate Assets Make Local Impact

A Valor customer's mall had a less than desirable reputation within the surrounding community. Shopper traffic reduced month after month, leaving mall management perplexed as to how to overcome the negative perception of the mall. The assumption was that there must be some correlation between mall crime and the perception local shoppers had of the safety of the mall. However, the Valor security director knew that incidents within the mall were low and consistent with levels of other Valor customers who enjoyed excellent shopper traffic.

Charged with finding a solution, the security director engaged the Valor corporate training and operations department to help diagnose and understand where the perception gap occurred and to develop a plan for bridging that gap. Once on the ground, Valor corporate personnel developed a strategy focused on changing the negative perception held by people who worked at the mall, about 15-20% of the local community. Once their perceptions were changed, they would in turn influence their family, friends and peers.

The solution involved developing a new engagement and patrolling process that called for closer interaction with mall employees. Tactics like a "Beat Greet" required Valor officers to have brief but highly visible interactions with tenant employees and management — often as simple as a friendly hand wave as they conducted regular patrols. Further, if an incident occurred with a tenant, security management conducted an incident follow-up, conveying to tenants that multiple levels of security personnel were actively involved in their well-being. Within a week of deploying the new strategy, tenants could tell there was a difference and shared that opinion with Valor and mall management. One tenant even baked the security team cookies in appreciation for their efforts and service!

Retail Security Assessment

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