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Valor has serviced shopping centers for over 20 years and has a national reputation for professionalism and innovation in the retail security industry.

Solutions for Retail Security

Our systems and programs are created specifically for the shopping center industry, and then further customized for your unique practices and brand. Each one is tailored to your portfolio-wide requirements, as well as to the evolving needs of each individual property.

Whether a potentially negative situation is developing or a sudden crisis hits, we're always prepared with industry-leading solutions, backed by national resources and years of specialized operations.

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The Valor Advantage

Security as a Partnership

Our security team works in close contact with your staff to pursue the same goals: a safe, secure and welcoming environment for the customers of your shopping center. Because we are "insiders" at your site, we can recognize potential problems and provide solutions before they become a serious issue. Security companies with outsourcing operations cannot give you this critical insight.

More Time for Your Priorities

You have good reason to be concerned about liability and compliance when it comes to security. You can be relieved of those concerns when you have Valor Security Services on your team. We keep you informed so you don't have to divert attention from your core business. You can be comfortable that we have procedures in place to cover any minor and major issues that may arise. The security of your shopping center is our only priority.

Representing Your Brand

Valor training incorporates more than customized security systems and procedures. As your own security team, we are equally committed to projecting the image you want to present to the public. You receive the added value of security personnel who help build goodwill with the customers of your shopping center.

Better Performance and Efficiency

Through evaluation and best practices determined by the parameters of your property, Valor Security Services can streamline your security operation, giving you resources where and when they're needed. With our highly trained staff, you can be assured of getting the maximum effectiveness in security performance.

Retail Security Assessment

Valor Security Services can provide you with recommendations for the most efficient and effective security program for your mall or shopping center. Click here to get in touch.

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