Deploying multiple security providers can result in an inconsistent security program across your portfolio.

Strategies for Multiple Security Providers

Strategic Security Planning

Valor provides creativity, experience and innovation to the strategic security planning process. Our management staff are expert at translating your corporate strategy and goals into property-level planning. Valor incorporates accurate site knowledge into a managed process of continual improvement. This also results in a proactive response to emerging security-related or risk-related conditions.

Training Program Development

Valor employs a professional training division with extensive experience in the generation of industry-leading security and customer service curricula. This training is delivered across multiple platforms and exists in both formal and informal environments, allowing for training and skill renewal to be a daily practice for security staff. The training division routinely crafts property-specific training programs to align staff with your security vision.

Portfolio Standards Customization

Valor can identify, codify and implement optimal standards and most efficient best practices across a portfolio. As your portfolio security partner, Valor can become the conduit through which process improvement flows to each property.

Hospitality Security Assessment

Valor Security Services can provide you with recommendations for the most efficient and effective security program for your resort or hotel. Click here to get in touch.

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