Valor standardizes reporting to ensure consistency of data quality and delivery. Our managed systems provide a site-level or portfolio-wide perspective across multiple platforms.

Strategies for Reporting

Site Story IMS

Site Story IMS is our proprietary, web-based incident management platform. It can provide you with constantly updated situational knowledge for a specific property or your entire portfolio. It includes a variety of special features and design attributes that make it a powerful tool for hospitality security operations. Click here to learn more about Site Story IMS...

Incident Report Training

All security or customer-service related incidents and interactions are recorded using Valor’s standardized reporting procedures. Valor prioritizes accurate reporting so that, in the event of any legal proceedings, reports produced by security staff are clear, concise and correct. Officers are taught how to gather and organize information and details along with site-specific concerns.

Data-Driven Strategic Plans

On an annual basis, or more often as needed, strategic planning sessions are convened at the site or portfolio level. Using data collected through daily security operations, benchmarked work plans can be constructed. This approach drives the achievement of developmental, operational, risk-reduction and profitability goals.

Hospitality Security Assessment

Valor Security Services can provide you with recommendations for the most efficient and effective security program for your resort or hotel. Click here to get in touch.

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