Our role as a security provider isn't just about protecting your property. It's also about making sure your guests have great experiences so they'll pass on the word on to family members, friends and colleagues.

Customer Service Strategies

Likeability Factor

Valor officers serve as potent community ambassadors — whether it's by greeting shoppers or interacting positively with tenants. They're trained to cultivate goodwill and practice a "likeability factor" in the daily interactions with all shopping mall constituents. This positive exposure has the dual benefit of offering a warm customer experience to shoppers while also acting as a visible deterrent to would-be troublemakers.


Professional service is what we deliver. It should exceed customer expectations and make the experience memorable.

We view customer problems as opportunities — a chance to deliver friendly, professional service that fosters goodwill.

Total Guest Experience

Valor wants to help your property achieve more than simply a safe and pleasant environment. We strive to build property appeal that is about the total guest experience. This must be exemplified by every team member at the property.

Visitors should find the property appealing and look forward to returning. The community should feel positive and say good things about the property. Security officers using customer relations tools and training can help make this happen by contributing to the excellence of property’s brand.

Community Interaction

A brand is largely created by the service we provide to our community and stakeholders. Community interaction is an investment into promoting property appeal and developing community goodwill. There are permanent community members in and around the property that will see and remember everything you do. They affect us and we depend upon them completely for success. How security officers interact with the community every day can maintain the property appeal and continue its positive impact that benefits all.

Hospitality Security Assessment

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