Portfolio standardization discovers the best methods being used for key tasks, and then defines these in a plan that can be implemented across the portfolio while guiding development and optimization.

Brand Standard Strategies


Standardization can address entire security programs or target selected aspects of operations. Valor Security partners with you to obtain and/or define the brand specifications — both operationally and through image and personality. Standardizing how security-related activities are defined and categorized, assessed and addressed, reported upon and communicated, means that maintaining situational knowledge of the portfolio and each property within it becomes organized and manageable.

Executing Your Brand Standards

We partner with you to fully integrate our operations with your brand standards. We know a security provider has an impact on the perception of your brand. So we make sure our personnel represent you and your image and that the security program we deliver meets the needs specified in your brand strategy.

Site Story IMS

Site Story IMS is our proprietary, web-based incident management platform. It can provide you with constantly updated situational knowledge for a specific property or your entire portfolio. It includes a variety of special features and design attributes that make it a powerful tool for hospitality security operations. With a single glance you can get an overview of your entire portfolio. Click here to learn more about Site Story IMS...

Brand Consistency

Ultimately, property developers and management companies endeavor to craft a signature experience that transcends technical operations and includes a characteristic hotel or resort experience. By communicating best practices and standardizing security operations, Valor Security Services can help deliver that signature brand experience while ensuring each property in the portfolio is safe, secure and customer focused.

Hospitality Security Assessment

Valor Security Services can provide you with recommendations for the most efficient and effective security program for your resort or hotel. Click here to get in touch.

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